Medical Imaging on Crossover

616 Crossover Road
Tupelo, MS 38801

Scheduling: 662-377-6655
Phone: 662-377-6820

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Medical Imaging on Crossover

616 Crossover Road
Tupelo, Mississippi 38801

Medical Imaging on Crossover


616 Crossover Road
Tupelo, Mississippi 38801


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Scheduling: (662) 377-6655
Phone: (662) 377-6820
Fax: (662) 821-1888

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About our center

Medical Imaging on Crossover offers its patients access to a VOLUME (64-SLICE) CT that can freeze frame the heart pumping, the blood moving and the lungs breathing. Because it captures images so quickly and with such detail, it allows physicians to diagnose diseases, such as heart and lung disorders, without the need for invasive procedures. With its advanced capabilities, this CT scanner can provide even better images for all types of CT exams that are currently available. Although this CT scanner provides technically advanced imaging, it costs no more than any other CT scan.

This facility also houses the strongest OPEN MRI in the area. Because of the strength of this open MRI, patients are now able to obtain reliable clinical images in order to gain an accurate diagnosis. This MRI is designed especially for larger or claustrophobic patients who are unable to use the standard, closed MRI.

Our staff of board certified radiologists and registered technologists are highly trained to provide you with reliable and accurate exams.

  • Results available in 24 hours
  • Board Certified Radiologist team
  • The latest technologically advanced equipment
  • Technicians that capture the most difficult of images
  • Fast results by doctors with uncommon care and compassion

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